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Watergate Announcements

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Garage Memo

The board has received numerous complaints from homeowners regarding the improper storage of household items in the underground garages, which violates Watergate's Bylaws.  In response, the board issued a memo to all homeowners regarding this topic. The memo can be found on the Board Minutes and Homeowner Documents page of this website.  The Garages page of this website provides additional information on Watergate's garages.

Winterization Memo

The board has updated its annual memo to homeowners on actions they need to properly prepare their homes for the upcoming winter.  Click here to see the manufacturer's operating manual for our fire places.

Replacement Reserves

Under certain circumstances, homeowners may be able to increase the tax basis of their homes by an amount equal to their home's proportional ownership share of the contributions made by the Association to its qualified replacement reserves. Of course, homeowners should consult with their tax advisers before making any adjustments to their basis.

Mandatory Bicycle Registration

All residents must register and obtain a permit decal for every bicycle that is placed in one of the bicycle storage rooms, the underground garages, or any other common areas of the community. You must re-register your bicycle even if you have registered your bicycle in years past. The Association will remove all bicycles without a current permit decal. Click here to view and print a copy of the bike registration form (in PDF format).

Unauthorized Pruning

We are asking for your help. Every year, some homeowners and residents take it upon themselves to prune the Association-maintained plants and shrubs near their homes. Some are even bold enough to take their cutting shears farther afield. Please do not do this without the express approval of the Landscaping Committee. Much of this unauthorized trimming is causing irreparable damage to our plants, interfering with the scheduled care for our plants, and in some cases preventing plants from flowering.

Chimney Maintenance and Cleaning

Homeowners who use their fireplaces are strongly urged to have their chimneys swept on a regular basis.  Please do not burn Duraflame or other manufactured "logs" in your fireplace.  Watergate fireplaces are "zero clearance" pre-fabricated fireplaces rather than masonry fireplaces.  They are not designed to handle the intense heat generated by artificial logs, which can damage or crack the fire box and create a fire hazard.  Click here for further information by the manufacturer regarding the operation and maintenance of your fireplace (in PDF format)..

Watergate Electric Power Supply

You should be aware of the power supply that we have here at Watergate. This information will be important for residents when purchasing electrical appliances such as water heaters, heat pumps, washers, dryers and kitchen appliances. Watergate has commercial type transformers (three) that provide 120-208V. This is slightly less then those seen in residential transformers (208-240V). These transformers were installed at the time of construction, and may very well have been chosen by the developer because each transformer serves multiple customers and can be located below ground. In addition, units served by a specific transformer are all located on the same panel. Had residential transformers been utilized instead, there would have been many more of them (approximately 20), and all of them would be placed above ground. Changing over to residential transformers (to supply up to 240V) is not really a structural or financial option for the community. Please keep the voltage range 120-208V in mind when making future appliance purchases, as there are some that are designed to operate on these lower voltages. In the event that owners wish to "step up" their power to 120-240V, then a "dry cell transformer" can be installed into that unit at the owner’s expense. Any questions can be directed to a member of the Board.


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