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Best Western Old Colony Inn
1101 North Washington Street

New Proposal

On May 9, 2017, the owners of the Best Western Old Colony Inn held a commuity meeting to announce that they had reassessed the financial prospects of their project to enlarge the hotel, and concluded they would make a lot more money if they raze the hotel, clear the site, and build 20 new garage townhomes.  Since this represents a completetely new land use, the owners have to go through the entire city development review process one more time, which could take another year or more.  "Do not pass Go.  Do not collect $200."

On October 4, 2017, the Old and Historic Alexandria District Board of Architectural Review considered plans submitted by Toll Brothers for the site.  Now called Abingdon Place, the project envisions 19 four-story garage townhomes.  Click the following highlighted links to view the Board's staff reports on the developers' Demolition Plan (17 pages) and Concept Plan (116 pages) for the property.  Click on the following highlighted link to read a September 27, 2017 article about the revised project in the Washington Business Journal.  This new proposal is better for Watergate and other neighboring communities, because townhomes place significantly less pressure on the immediately surrounding area than commercial activities (e.g., parking and noise).

Original Proposal

The owners of the Best Western Old Colony Inn, located at 1101 North Washington Street (where the George Washington Memorial Parkway, East Abingdon Drive and Second Street converge), proposed to add two stories on top of the existing two-story above-ground building, increase the number of guest rooms from 49 to 104, build a new 60-seat shared-use restaurant-meeting area, and move the loading dock from the back to the front of the hotel (to be screened by a wooden fence and landscaping).  The project came under sustained community opposition, much of it focusing on the mass and scale of the expanded building, the inadequacy of the street setback, and the public nuissances arising from the proposed restaurant fronting Second Street (increased night-time illumination, noise, truck deliveries, automobile traffic and street parking).  The developers were relying solely on available street parking around their property and ours, and had no plan to increase the hotel's 69 ground-level parking spaces.  In May 2016, the city council unanimously approved the redevelopment project largely as proposed by the owner of the property and over the strong objections of the hotel's neighbors.

The photo below shows the view of the hotel from Second Street, and the photo at upper right shows the view from the point where East Abingdon Drive and Second Street split.



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