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New Development

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Completed Projects

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New Potomac Yards Metrorail Station

The City of Alexandria is proposing to build a new Metrorail station in the Potomac Yards neighborhood at a cost of $320 million, with a $30 million contingency.  See status updates below right.

The station would be placed on the Blue and Yellow lines between the National Airport Metro Station to the north (opened July 1, 1977) and the Braddock Road Metro Station to the south (opened December 17, 1983).  The 3.1 mile stretch between these two existing stations is the longest inter-station span within the Capital Beltway.

The new station will be located along Potomac Avenue at the northern edge of Potomac Yard Park (see map below, click all images to enlarge).  Three pedestrian entrances are currently planned, including a south entrance at the T-intersection of Potomac Avenue and East Glebe Road, a north entrance near the southern edge of Regal Cinema's parking lot directly behind the Target and Staples stores, and an east or "back" entrance that leads to Potomac Greens Drive. 

The first two entrances would be located west of the CSX and realigned Metro tracks, and the third entrance would be located to the east of the tracks (see diagram below).  The Braddock Road Station is located about 0.9 miles (17 minute walk) directly west of Watergate, and the proposed back entrance of the new Potomac Yards Station will be located about 1.3 miles (25 minute walk) directly north of Watergate.

The images above show an artist's renderings of the proposed Potomac Yard Metrorail Station.  The image above left is a view of the new station from East Glebe Road looking east toward Potomac Avenue and the above-ground station.  The image above right is a view from the north entrance behind the Target store looking south to the new station.  The images below show the new station from the back entrance along Potomac Greens Drive.


Responsible Government Parties

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is the lead federal agency on the project because the U.S. Department of Transportation is providing substantial funding under the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act.

The National Park Service (NPS) is also involved because the new station will encroach upon a federal easement that protects scenic views along the George Washington Memorial Parkway.  To address this problem, the Alexandria will transfer 13.56 acres of city-owned parkland near the GW Parkway to the federal government and make $12 million in park improvements in exchange for NPS releasing its scenic easement on 1.71 acres of city-owned property where the new station will be located.  When completed, the new station will be visible from the GW Parkway.

The City of Alexandria is primarily responsible for managing and paying for the construction of the new station.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority will assume responsibility for operating and maintaining the station after construction is completed and the station is accepted into service.


Current Status of the Project (Reverse Chronological Order)

The Alexandria Times reported on May 7, 2018 that the Alexandria City Manager proposed to scale back the original plans for the metro station to save money in the face of escalating costs.  Cuts include the south station mezzanine, entrance and pedestrian bridge at Glebe Road, east and west ramps, and non-essential park improvements.  A few days later, the Alexandria Times reported that the the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce was displeased with the proposed changes and had a few choice words to say about them.  The city maintains that the dropped features may be built at a later date.

WTOP News printed an update on April 4, 2018.

The Washington Post published an update on the project on August 31, 2017.

On November 28, 2016, Alexandria issued a Solicitation Notice and Request for Proposal for a design-build contract for the new station.  The deadline for proposals was March 30, 2017.  Alexandria hopes to award a contract in 2018, begin construction in late 2018 or early 2019, and open in late 2021 or early 2022.  Given the complexity of the project, further delays would not be surprising.

On November 1, 2016, FTA, NPS and Alexandria completed the required environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act.

On June 16, 2016, Alexandria approved all required zoning changes for the project to move ahead.

Formal consideration of this project began in spring 2012.

Public Financing

In July 2016, the City of Alexandria sold $73.7 million in new general obligation bonds with a 20-year maturity to pay for its planned development and infrastructure projects, at an all-in financing cost of about 2.12 percent (this includes interest, fees and expenses). 

The city maintains the best available credit ratings -- AAA by Standard & Poors, and Aaa by Moody's.  Demand for the top-quality bonds was very high, and investors paid a $10.5 million premium over the face value of the bonds, providing the city with $84.2 million in total funds from the debt offering.

Alexandria has also secured specific project financing from the sources in the chart below.


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