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Watergate Garages

Watergate of Alexandria maintains two separate underground garages for use by its homeowners and residents. Click here if you wish to see a map (in PDF format) of both garages showing the parking spaces assigned to each home (the map is password protected and accessible to Watergate homeowners only).

North Royal Street Garage

The car entrance to the Phase I garage is accessible from North Royal Street near Second Street. There are three pedestrian entrances - one near the north end of the fishpond area, a second one near the south end of the fishpond area, and a third one off the east-west walkway (what used to be First Street before Watergate was built) that divides Phases I and II of the Watergate complex.

The Phase I garage houses an office and restroom for the groundskeeper, a small bike storage room, a dedicated car wash area, a machinery room for the fish pond's water pump and filtering system, and recycling bins.


Vehicle entrance to Phase I Garage

Vehicle entrance to Phase II Garage



North Pitt Street Garage

The car entrance to the Phase II Garage is accessible from North Pitt Street near First Street. There are five pedestrian entrances -- two off the grassy esplanade, two leading toward the berm area, and one adjacent to the car entrance.

The Phase II garage houses a Board meeting room, a bicycle storage room, a dedicated car wash area, storage areas, and recycling bins.

All Parking Spaces are Assigned

All parking spaces are owned by individual homeowners and are reserved at all times. There have been an increasing number of incidents where cars were parked in someone's else's parking space. We reserve the right to tow and remove any improperly parked cars without warning and at the car-owner's sole expense and liability.

Please do not park, or allow your tenants or guests to park, in a space that does not belong to you.

Garage Doors

From time to time the garage doors and/or the opening mechanisms are seriously damaged when cars drive into them. Please come to a complete stop at a reasonable distance from the closed garage doors, and allow them to open completely before proceeding through the entranceway. If you notice that a garage door is not functioning, please let one of the Board members know so that the garage door repair service can be notified.

Garage Door Openers

Owners and residents are responsible for replacing all lost or damaged garage door openers, and all depleted batteries. Click here if you need additional or replacement transmitters (the page is password protected and accessible to Watergate homeowners only). Our automatic garage door system is compatible with Homelink and other pre-installed and after-market vehicle transmitters.

Residents (homeowners and residents alike) are solely responsible for all personal items stored in the garages, and all such storage is at your own risk.  Accordingly, the Board urges all residents to obtain a condominium homeowner's or renter's insurance policy that covers potential property loss, damage and liability claims.


Garage Storage

Many homeowners and residents are storing materials in the garage, including many items that are potentially hazardous, such as paint, gasoline, oil, and a variety of car care products. Using the garage for storage poses a danger to the community because hazardous materials may start a fire, stacked materials may fall on people or vehicles, and materials struck by a moving vehicle could cause substantial damage to multiple vehicles and individuals. Further, materials stored in a parking space may obstruct the access of others to their parking spaces.

Residents (both homeowners and renters) may use their parking spaces for storing bicycles and standard bicycle equipment such as helmets and tire pumps, car luggage carriers, assistive devices such as crutches, wheel chairs, carts, and other car-related items as approved by the Board, provided they are stored entirely within their owner's parking space and that the motorcycles, bikes, and mopeds do not intrude or cause the motor vehicle parked in the space to either intrude into the driving areas of the garage or unduly restrict the access of other residents to their parking space or a resident's abilty to enter or alight from their vehicles.

The Board will order that unauthorized materials in the garage be removed and destroyed.  Expenses incurred in removal and destruction may be charged to the owner of the space in which the materials are found.


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