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10,000 Steps and 14 Parks to See

1.  Watergate of Alexandria
10,000 steps (about 5 miles) has become the widely promoted goal for daily fitness across the world.  Mostly because it is a nice round number, and because it is a reasonable objective for an average person interested in pursuing a moderately healthy and active lifestyle.  It is also the default target programmed into most activity trackers sold today.  So, where can you walk from Watergate to achieve those 10,000 daily steps?  Well, for starters, you can walk up or down the Mount Vernon Trail just outside our doors.  A walk toward Gravelly Point and back will do it.  A meandering walk toward Jones Point and back will get you close.  In any event, here is a list of the parks you will find along either route, from North to South.  The photo above was taken at Tide Lock Park (No. 7 on the map and below), looking east across the Potomac River at the Maryland shoreline.  Click or tap to enlarge.

2.  Gravelly Point Park
The best place to watch planes take off and land at National Airport is from Gravelly Point, which is part of the George Washington Memorial Parkway managed by the National Park Service.  Soccer + flight ops!  [View Field PP Table Car Boat]

3.  Potomac Yards Park
Potomac Yards Park (2501 Potomac Avenue) is the newest neighborhood park managed by the City of Alexandria.  Kids + roller bladers!  [Tennis BB VB Child Water Bench Car]

4.  Daingerfield Island & Washington Sailing Marina
Daingerfield Island is part of the George Washington Memorial Parkway managed by the National Park Service. Home to Indigo Landing Restaurant at the Washington Sailing Marina.  Foodies + boaters!  [View Field RR Table Bench Car Boat Food]

5.  Mount Vernon Trail Behind the Mirant Power Plant
Here is one of the most scenic parts of the Mount Vernon Trail as it rises high above the Potomac River and winds through the northernmost part of Old Town.  Serenity now!  [View]

6.  Montgomery Park
Montgomery Park (901 North Royal Street), located across the street from Watergate, is managed by the City of Alexandria.  Dogs + tennis!  [Tennis Child Dog Water Table Bench Car Food Shelter]

7.  Tide Lock Park
Tide Lock Park (1 Canal Center Plaza) is a privately owned, publicly accessible park integrated into the City of Alexandria's waterfront park system. Summer lunch-time concerts + city birthday fireworks! [View Bench]

8.  Rivergate City Park
Rivergate City Park (2 Montgomery Street) is a privately owned, publicly accessible park integrated into the City of Alexandria's waterfront park system.  The city's Dee Campbell Rowing Center, located at the foot of Madison Street, separates Rivergate City Park from Oronoco Bay Park.  Picnics + beach ball!  [View VB Bench Car Food]

9.  Oronoco Bay Park
Oronoco Bay Park (100 Madison Street) is the largest park in North Old Town, and hosts large festivals and events throughout the year.  It is managed by the City of Alexandria.  Dogs + frisbee!  [View Bench Car Food]

10.  Founders Park
Founders Park (351 North Union Street), located adjacent to the Alexandria Marina and the Torpedo Factory Art Center, is managed by the City of Alexandria.  Yawn!   [View Dog Bench Car Food]

11.  Waterfront Park
Waterfront Park (1A Prince Street) is managed by the City of Alexandria and often hosts special events.  [View Bench Car Boat Food]

12.  Windmill Hill Park/Shipyard Park
Windmill Hill Park (500-600 South Union Street) is a split park at the southernmost end of Union Street that will be undergoing a one-year shoreline rehabilitation starting May 2017.  See the Neighborhood Development page of this website for more details.  [View Field BB VB Child Dog Table Bench Car]

13.  Jones Point Park
Jones Point Park is located at the southern edge of Old Town where Hunting Creek meets the Potomac River.  The park, which is managed by the National Park Service and sprawls beneath and beyond the twin spans of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, has something for everyone -- wetlands and grasses, bike paths, walking trails, roller blading, basketball, fishing, aerobics, separate playgrounds for tots and children, a lighthouse, recreation fields, restrooms, benches, separate water fountains for people and dogs, recycling drop-off, parking, and direct access to the Mount Vernon Trail and the pedestrian walkway across the bridge into Maryland.  [View Field BB Child RR Water Table Bench Car Shelter]



View = Waterfront View
Field =
Athletic Field
Tennis =
Tennis Court
BB =
Basketball Court
VB =
Volley Ball Pit
Child =
Play Area
Dog =
Dog Run
RR =
Rest Room
PP =
Porta Potty
Water =
Water Fountain
Table =
Pincic Table
Bench =
Sitting Area
Car =
Boat =
Boat Access
Food =
Food Nearby
Shelter =
Covered Area


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