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FY 2018 Budget

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See the Notice of the May 1st Meeting
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See the Draft FY 2018 Budget
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May 1, 2017 Board Meeting

The board has scheduled its next meeting for Monday, May 1, 2017, at 6:30 pm at the Duncan Library Branch located at 2501 Commonwealth Avenue in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria.  At the meeting, the board plans to review and mark-up an initial draft of the FY 2018 budget for the association's fiscal year commencing October 1, 2017 and ending September 30, 2018.   Budget review will continue at the board's meeting scheduled for Wednesday, June 14, 2017.  The annual budget forum will be held in August 2017.  All board meeting materials and budget documents are posted to the Board Minutes & Homeowner Documents page of this website as they become available.


Berm Replanting

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See the Hybla Valley Proposal
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From the Grounds Committee

The Berm area at the southern end of Watergate is in terrible condition. The shrubs in the center no longer provide any barrier to the parking area for the office building beyond. Other Hollies on the Berm were removed or damaged by garage waterproofing work several years ago. The Crape Myrtle at the eastern end of the property does not get enough sun, and the Dogwood at the western end of the Berm gets too much sun. Consequently, both trees are failing and need to be replaced.

Since we had a very good experience with Hybla Valley Nursery in the replanting of the trees and shrubs by the retaining wall along the fishpond walkway, we asked them to provide a proposal to Watergate to replace the existing 12 Hollies, Crape Myrtle, and Dogwood.

Dogwoods thrive in shady spaces, and the new one would be planted in the sitting area in front of 978 North Royal Street.  The replacement Crape Myrtle would replace the Dogwood on the western end of the Berm. The all-in cost of Hybla Valley's proposal for the planting of the shrubs, trees, labor and warranty is $5,265.   The removal of the shrubs and trees by another firm used by Hybla would add an additional estimated cost of $1,400.

April 19, 2017


Letter to Homeowners & Residents

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See the April 17, 2017 Letter to Homeowners
Visit the Trash & Recylcling page of this website
Send an email to the Board and Property Manager

From the Board

The board sent a letter to all homeowners and residents regarding the new Monday-Wednesday-Friday trash collection schedule, additional work that needs to be scheduled for the North Street Garage, and other current news.

April 17, 2017



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